Operators and handset vendors plug standard charger

Operators and handset vendors plug standard charger • The Register

It’s about frelling time!


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10 Ways Microsoft’s Retail Stores Will Differ From Apple Stores – PC World

10 Ways Microsoft’s Retail Stores Will Differ From Apple Stores – PC World

I really needed a laugh today!

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Dell Open-Source Laptops / Notebooks

Dell Open-Source Laptops / Notebooks

The link isn’t really important as the message. WTF Dell?!?!

The only laptops you are selling with Ubuntu are either low-end netbooks or higher-end systems. Your “Home” selection only has $1000 XPS laptops, and your “Small Business” section just plain stinks.

I don’t want Microsoft Windows Vista Whatever, period. I don’t want to pay for it, I don’t want a license for it, I don’t even want to see it boot!

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VMware Goes Open Source With Desktop Virtualization App

VMware Goes Open Source With Desktop Virtualization App – PC World

They had to do something… Sun’s xVM (Virtualbox) is killing them.

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Bug #229270 in gvfs: “nautilus wrong owner in sftp”

Bug #229270 in gvfs: “nautilus wrong owner in sftp”


{Edit: I removed some negative commentary regarding a particular person at Ubuntu. It was probably unfair.}

I know everyone at Ubuntu, at least those that are posting in Launchpad, is probably a volunteer- but I’m getting really sick of the passing-the-buck excuses when it comes to Ubuntu. It conveys a “we don’t give a crap” attitude- with doesn’t go far with IT managers, like me! I don’t care if it’s an “upstream” problem- it’s a problem with software that YOU are distributing, and saying “It’s not our problem.” is bullshit.

Gvfs is a piece of shit. Period. They f*cked up authenticated SMB shares, and now I discover this little gem of a bug.

Essentially Nautilus (and anything else using gvfs- as I understand it OpenOffice is frelled too) is shit-worthless if you use sftp/scp on set-GID folders (such as those used for collaboration, on a Web server, for example). This adds to its already shit-worthless-ness when it comes to authenticated SMB or Active Directory shares. At least the latter is supposedly fixed in Ubuntu 9.04, which is in ALPHA and has enough other problems that it definitely shouldn’t be installed if you want to actually get anything productive done.

Apparently if you have NO security on any of your network resources- it works great! If you follow best practices for securing your network resources- you can kiss any kind of interoperability goodbye. As much as I despise Microsoft and Windows- at least I can consistently access a Windows server with a Windows workstation as long as I have the correct username/password/workgroup. Apparently that isn’t possible using Linux anymore, at least not with Ubuntu. (Yes, there are PITA work-arounds and patches- try talking a few “users” through those, and pray they don’t get overwritten with the next update.)

Ubuntu might be okay for home users that don’t play Windows games, but right now it is a non-starter for corporate desktops or any advanced home user that actually uses security.


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Google Offers Tool to Let You Track Your Friends’ Movements

Google Offers Tool to Let You Track Your Friends’ Movements – PC World

Posting this more for the unfortunate headline…

I don’t want to track my friends’ “movements”. I generally don’t track my own.

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Google Fans Net Neutrality Flames with Web Measurement Lab

Google Fans Net Neutrality Flames with Web Measurement Lab

This is great. Unfortunately the measurementlab.net site seems to be down, and has been all morning. It’s kind of hard to get measurement statistics from an unreliable Web server.

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