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March 13, 2009 at 12:36 pm Leave a comment

I feel dirty…

I got addicted to Guitar Hero at a party last weekend, so set out to buy a game console. The Wii, my first choice, doesn’t do HD. I’m an HD Snob now, and won’t plug anything into my HDTV that doesn’t at least do 16×9 1080i, period. I can’t believe the Wii has become as popular as it is without the ability to do more than 4×3 480p.

That left the Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s no secret that I hate both companies, often with a passion. In the end, I actually decided I hate Sony more than Microsoft. The only thing the PS3 really had going for it was Blu-Ray, and I have no intention to buy into that format until I can no longer get DVDs. I liked the range of games available for the Xbox, and was amazed at the graphics of several games (including Guitar Hero) I’ve seen on friends’ Xbox’s. I also like the media player functionality, and the Netflix/Amazon streaming (although I am already getting them through Roku as-well). If I can pull my music and videos off my desktop (Linux, via SMB), it will also fulfull most of my needs for an HTPC/Media Center PC.

I’m still having a hard time with that “dirty” feeling though, especially since I signed up for Xbox Live.


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