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The company I work for has used Websense for a number of years now, as do a lot of major corporations and even ISPs. I know the government and military use it as-well. It tends to be really big-brother-ish sometimes, but it is a necessary evil, especially for entities that want to protect their networks from malware and themselves from litigation.

I’ve been really upset and frustrated recently as I’ve been trying to set up some new Web sites. For whatever reason- every domain I own has been flagged as a “Sex” site, and is filtered for most people by Websense. That even included this blog up until a couple of days ago. I’ve been submitting requests to Websense to get them re-categorized, and they usually do so in a reasonable amount of time, but it is just really annoying. They can’t explain why the domains were categorized as “Sex” sites to begin with, especially since most of them have never even HAD a site on them.

The only “Sex” content I ever post online is in my private journal, and that isn’t attached to any of my domains.


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Photos: Obama inauguration viewed from space Websense, Part 2

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