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So, I’ve had Vonage for a little over a year now. I’m starting to reconsider it. My Dish Network PVR is having issues using it (probably because they don’t officially support any sort of modem connection), and I’ve had call quality issues. The problem is- I don’t really know if the problem is related to them directly, or my Internet connection. I know if I’ve got one or more computers downloading updates- call quality goes to hell, so my Internet connection is at least partially to blame. I’ve tried various QOS settings on my DSL router, but none of them seem to actually do anything, and in many cases- they actually made the call quality WORSE.

I have also been having issues that I’m pretty sure are directly related to their service. Voicemail seems to have gotten flaky, for example. I’ll check my phone for a flashing voicemail indicator and/or stuttered dial-tone when I had been expecting a call, only to find none. Then- two minutes later, the indicator will start flashing and the message will be there (from an hour ago). Caller ID almost never resolves a name, so all I get are numbers. I’ve also dialed calls and had them go to dead air or fast-busy, and answered calls with nobody there (from friends/relatives- not telemarketers).

There are several other VoIP providers out there, but none of them seem to have the track record or pricing plans that Vonage does. I refuse to go back to Qwest (even though they are my DSL provider) because I refuse to pay their prices, especially after adding CallerID. Unfortunately I may have to because I also refuse to pay Dish Network’s $5 monthly “Access Fee” if their receiver can’t “phone home” regularly.

So- does anyone else out there who happens to read my LJ use Vonage or some other VoIP provider. If so- what has your experience been?

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