PC World – Apple Offers iPhone Price Protection

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PC World – Apple Offers iPhone Price Protection

And the word for the day is: WA!!!

Seriously- the price of electronics, especially things like cell phones and computers, always plummets shortly after a new product release. If you want to be an “early adopter” and have the latest and greatest in electronics- you need to deal with the fact that a lot of people are going to be buying that new toy a LOT cheaper in the very near future.

I’ve purchased lots of such things. Sure- it is upsetting when something you paid $500 for is now selling for $200-300 less, but I wanted it at the time and I was willing to pay that much for it. I was an early adopter for satellite radio, and spendt over $500 (for the hardware alone) to have a system installed in my car. Now- you can buy small portable units for $50.

How about everyone who bought into HDTV several years ago. A lot of those people are stuck with HDTV monitors they paid thousands of dollars for that don’t even support HDMI, which is by-far the most popular “standard” for connecting HD systems now. HDMI has a lot of problems, and will probably be replaced by something else before long. HD probably won’t even start to actually become popular until the mandated switch to digital TV in a little over a year. In the mean-time, HD monitors and receivers that used to cost thousands of dollars can be had for well under a thousand, and the prices will continue to drop a manufacturers continue to phase out CRT & analog technology. Once again- you want the latest technology- you have to pay for it.

It’s not a new thing. I remember way-way back when TVs used to have big knobs on the front that you turned to change channels with a loud click. Sometimes these would break- and often the only solution was to use a pair of pliers to turn the knob (this made a huge market for vice-grip style pliers at the time). I won’t even start to get into primitive remote control technology. At any rate- “digital” PLL tuners came out and “revolutionized” TV tuners. People would pay hundreds of dollars more for a TV to get one of these fancy new tuners. Then along came on-screen displays and things like stereo TV. Along the way- people paid a lot more money for these innovations to get them ahead of the masses.

Same thing for those fancy items like VCRs (and the early battle between Beta and VHS, CD players, and later DVD players. The same for camcorders, digital cameras, microwaves, (the list can go on and on).

And then, of course, there is the modern PC. Nothing drops in value faster. Today’s hot gaming computer that cost $1500+ (itself a miracle compared to prices only a few years ago) is tomorrow’s doorstop that you can’t even give away to charity.  PDAs and cell phones, which have now pretty much merged, are the exact same way. I remember what seems like not too long ago I bought one of the first full-color palm-style PDAs. It was a work of art at the time, and an amazing bit of technical innovation (also at the time). It is now just hazardous waste.

For the record- I did NOT jump on the iPhone bandwagon. Besides the fact that I loathe AT&T, I knew it wouldn’t take long for something better and cheaper to come along. I’m really loving the iPod Touch, but I’ll wait a good six months before actually buying one.

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