Is Microsoft crippling XP?

July 13, 2007 at 6:36 am Leave a comment

Since this most recent “Patch Tuesday”, my Windows XP machine has been suffering from lag, lock-ups, Windows Explorer crashes, and three “Blue Screen of Death”s. Not that it hasn’t suffered from these at various times in the past, but never to this extent in this short of a time frame.

When Windows has actually detected the problem- it reports that it was caused by a “Device Driver”, without actually indicating WHICH ONE. I should also note that I haven’t updated any of the device drivers on my laptop recently.

There has been some chatter/buzz online in the last day about problems with a .NET update causing a lot of problems, although none of the problems reported seem to match the issues I’ve been having. I’ve also had problems with my Windows 2000 Server machines since the updates as well.

This all leads me to ask: Is Microsoft (intentionally or unintentionally by not devoting enough testing to their patches) crippling Windows XP, and possibly Windows 2000? While I don’t believe anyone has ever proved anything malicious- this has seemingly happened in the past. Windows 95 and Windows 98 quickly became unstable and unusable (more-so than usual) after Windows XP came out. Of course Windows ME was an unstable POS from the day it was released and never was fixed.

Microsoft really has no incentive to actually fix things in XP or Windows 2000 anymore, and even if big corporations are having issues- they can cop-out and say: “We really can’t find a reason for your problem. All we can say is it doesn’t seem to be an issue in Vista (or Windows Server 2003)…”

I, for one, found a good alternative for Dreamweaver for my Web development work (Zend Studio), which was my last hurdle before moving to Ubuntu Linux as my primary desktop OS at work. I’m going to install XP in VM-Ware on it so if something comes up where I HAVE to use it- I can, and at least BSOD and other crashes won’t matter.


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