Local Resellers

June 18, 2007 at 7:29 am 1 comment

I hate them. Period. I’m working with a manufacturer right now for some network hardware, and they want me to go through a local reseller. Here is a typical experience, at least for me and the company I work for, with local resellers:

We want to buy “Product A”. We contact manufacturer of Product A and are told we must purchase it from a “Local Reseller”. So we do.

Local Reseller quotes us a price for Product A, which we agree to. Local Reseller also insists that we NEED to buy Product B and Product C to go with it. We tell Local Reseller we ONLY WANT Product A. We already researched Product A and how it will fit into our enterprise, and don’t want anything else.

Local Reseller insists that Product A won’t work properly without Product B and Product C. We contact the manufacturer- who tells us that is not correct and Product A will work just fine in our enterprise without the other products. They also speak glowingly of Local Reseller (one of their “top” Resellers, of course).

After a week of arguing, Local Reseller finally delivers Product A by itself, for a higher price than originally quoted. Another argument ensues. Local Reseller claims their cost for Product A went up. Whatever- we buy it.

We install Product A. Product A works great for a couple of weeks, and then we start having problems. We contact Local Reseller for support. Local Reseller doesn’t want to support Product A because we didn’t purchase Product B and Product C to go with it. They don’t want to support our “configuration”.

We contact the manufacturer for support- and get it directly from them. It turns out to be a minor configuration issue that was quickly resolved. We are happy with Product A, even without the support of the Local Reseller.

Local Reseller has sales people call us for weeks afterward trying to sell us Product B and Product C to go with Product A. They also have new upgrades for Product A, and a Product D we should really consider. We tell sales person to bugger-off since they won’t support the Product A we already bought for them.

Local Reseller continues to have sales people call to sell us other products. This is ongoing. Local Reseller just doesn’t “get” the fact that we don’t want to buy anything else from them, ever again. Sales person just doesn’t understand why we are dissatisfied with their service department and swears someone will contact us immediately to resolve our issue.

Nobody from their service department ever calls, and their sales department continues to call every month.

This sort of thing has happened with virtually EVERY Local Reseller my company has dealt with. We just flat-out won’t do it anymore. If a manufacturer won’t deal with us directly- we will buy products online or go to another manufacturer who will.


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  • 1. electronicattic  |  May 1, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    I am truly sorry about your experience. What location are you in and what is your definition of a “reseller”? You are obviously not dealing with professional firms and if you believe that manufacturers have your best interest in mind think again. I have worked in management on both sides of the spectrum and let me tell you a solid services provider has much more at stake with a business relationship with your firm than any manufacturer, bar none, to them you are just but a small number. (unless you are a fortune 100 business doing millions of dollars in hardware and software, and then you would never have these issues, dealing with larger firms such as HP, IBM, MSFT…) Again, I understand but I am not sure if your anger should be directed to the term “local resellers”.


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