Apple 2.0: Apple Ugrades iPhone Battery Life

June 18, 2007 at 7:46 am Leave a comment

Apple 2.0: Apple Ugrades iPhone Battery Life

This is great, as it addresses one of the big down-sides to the iPhone.

I still have to ask Apple: Why? Would a battery door or snap-on battery REALLY degrade the design and engineering of the iPhone? No matter how good the battery is- it won’t last more than a year. Batteries in cell phones and PDAs are only good for about a year. Lithium ion batteries generally start degrading after about 100-150 charge cycles. No matter how cool it is- I’m not going to pay $500+ for a piece of hardware I know has that limited a lifespan.

I don’t know when they will address my other big concern (and that of a lot of other people) as far as the iPhone goes- AT&T (formerly Cingular). Contrary to their advertising- they do not have very exemplary customer service or quality records. I personally refuse to do business with them after a bad experience many years ago. If the iPhone makes it to other carriers, and has a replaceable battery- I might consider it.


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