Nortel Strong Arms Open Source Vendor

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Nortel Strong Arms Open Source Vendor

I was going to comment on this when the story first came out, but thought I would wait for this to inevitably happen. My company has an annex running on Asterisk (which Fonality’s system is based on) now, and we will likely be switching to it company-wide within the next year. While our current system isn’t Nortel, like its predecessor- it’s a closed-source proprietary system with terrible technical support that was discontinued by the manufacturer almost as soon as we bought it. There is no way in hell we would buy another proprietary phone system again.

With the exception of some hardware issues, not directly related to it, Asterisk is a dream come true for a lot of corporate IT/Telecom. departments. It is also running in a lot of geeks’ homes now (including mine). Frankly- if you’ve ever dealt with proprietary systems, and the limited configuration, logging, and reporting software available for them- Asterisk is a breeze. The great thing is- even if we buy an out-of-the-box system like Fonality’s PBXtra, if we aren’t happy with it- there are dozens of other vendors (along with my ability to just build a home-grown Asterisk system on a commodity server) that will work with the existing VoIP phones and equipment. That’s powerful stuff, especially for a company concerned about budget.

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