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Zend Studio / Products / Zend.com

If you code in PHP- this is definitely worth taking a look at. No, it isn’t free- but if you compare it to the best commercial alternative (Dreamweaver, or it’s illegitimate stepchild Homesite) it is well worth the money. You can download a free trial to see for yourself.

Since Zend is the commercial parent of PHP- it makes sense that they would make the best PHP development and debugging environment. It has amazing code completion and syntax checking capabilities, and I estimate it can probably cut my PHP development time by at least 1/3. I really love how, unlike Dreamweaver, it incorporates your own variable, function, and object names into it’s code completion system on-the-fly. It also does a much better job of flagging brackets, and automatically does function/object collapsing. This isn’t anything new for higher-end IDEs, but is something that is lacking for many Web development platforms (and is specifically lacking in Dreamweaver).

In short- if you code in PHP- Dreamweaver sucks, Zend Studio rocks!

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