Migrating to Ubuntu Linux from Microsoft Windows

May 15, 2007 at 12:19 pm Leave a comment

Migrating to Ubuntu Linux from Microsoft Windows

This is a great article about a Clueless Newbie‘s take on migrating from Windows to Ubuntu Linux. Her experience was very similar to mine, and I experienced many of the same problems. I’ve been using Linux actively on the server side for many years now, but switched to Ubuntu after an incredibly bad experience with M$ Vista.

One of my biggest gripes is to Adobe- for not getting a clue and writing 64-bit versions of their software. 64-bit processors have been available for several years now, and Linux (and other Unix-like systems) have been available in 64-bit versions for at least three years now (at least that I know of- probably a lot longer for commercial Unixes.

Configuring a higher-end graphics card from ATI or nVidia is also a pain in the ass. The really sad thing is you can actually get better graphical performance out of a cheap Made-In-China generic video card from a discount store. That really sucks when you’ve paid $200+ for a video card.

Last, but certainly not least- there are DVDs. You can’t play them without becoming a “criminal”. Why? Because the encryption algorithm was top-secret and only available to hardware manufacturers and closed-source software vendors, making it inaccessible to Linux and other Open Source projects. It was reverse-engineered several years ago (you may remember all the media attention), and the reverse-engineered algorithm (de-CSS) has been incorporated into lots of Linux/OSS media players. However- since it was illegal to reverse-engineer it to begin with (thanks a lot Congress!), it is illegal to use any of the software made with it. The same thing is happening now with AACS for HD DVD and Blueray.


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