Been awhile…

Real shocker here. After fighting for four hours to get Ubuntu to work in my new laptop, I tried Windows 7. I like it. It’s a complete flip-flop after Vista drove me to Ubuntu. I still love Linux, and Ubuntu, and will still use it on my netbook and servers. But- I need a computer that “just works”, and right now it seems Windows 7 is delivering.


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Groklaw – ECIS Provides A History of Microsoft’s AntiCompetitive Behavior

Groklaw – ECIS Provides A History of Microsoft’s AntiCompetitive Behavior

I think the title says it all. Much of this has been known by computer enthusiasts for a long time now, especially old fogeys like me who remember the early years when Microsoft was just getting started. This has been professionally written with a LOT of footnotes, unlike the heresay and old stories passed down from computer geek to computer geek. 🙂

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DTV Transition: More Than 4 Million Still Not Ready

DTV Transition: More Than 4 Million Still Not Ready – PC World

To be honest, I find it really difficult to feel sorry for them at this point. It will be interesting to see what happens in June.

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Xbox 360

I feel dirty…

I got addicted to Guitar Hero at a party last weekend, so set out to buy a game console. The Wii, my first choice, doesn’t do HD. I’m an HD Snob now, and won’t plug anything into my HDTV that doesn’t at least do 16×9 1080i, period. I can’t believe the Wii has become as popular as it is without the ability to do more than 4×3 480p.

That left the Sony Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s no secret that I hate both companies, often with a passion. In the end, I actually decided I hate Sony more than Microsoft. The only thing the PS3 really had going for it was Blu-Ray, and I have no intention to buy into that format until I can no longer get DVDs. I liked the range of games available for the Xbox, and was amazed at the graphics of several games (including Guitar Hero) I’ve seen on friends’ Xbox’s. I also like the media player functionality, and the Netflix/Amazon streaming (although I am already getting them through Roku as-well). If I can pull my music and videos off my desktop (Linux, via SMB), it will also fulfull most of my needs for an HTPC/Media Center PC.

I’m still having a hard time with that “dirty” feeling though, especially since I signed up for Xbox Live.

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Dvorak Likes Linux

Dvorak Likes Linux – Columns by PC Magazine

I think the title says it all. 🙂

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Microsoft wants refund from some laid-off workers

Microsoft wants refund from some laid-off workers | Microsoft – CNET News

If ever there was proof that Microsoft really is evil- this is it!

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Introducing the Karmic Koala, our mascot for Ubuntu 9.10

Introducing the Karmic Koala, our mascot for Ubuntu 9.10

OMG! And it is due to release near Halloween this year. How cool is that!

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